On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Coginchaug senior class reported to the auditorium to discover news regarding their Nov. 18-22 senior trip to Washington, DC. Because of safety concerns due to threats directed towards the nation’s capital, Principal Brian Falcone and the administration made the decision to postpone the trip to an unknown date. “If it’s cancelled, administration is doing it for a reason–your safety,” said culinary arts teacher Ms. Jamie Bowman.

Just about 24 hours before the seniors’ departure, students must unpack their luggage and cancel their excitement: “I already packed and bought $60 worth of food,” Brianna vanEyndhoven said. Other students also spent money in preparation for the trip, such as Kyle Borbas who spent $70 on dress pants in anticipation of the formal events.

Prior to the meeting, senior Michael O’Keefe joked, “My grandma lives 30 minutes away from DC. I’m taking in the train.” Borbas said, “If it gets cancelled, I’m still going; I will ask them for my room number, and I will drive there myself.”

Not only do students have to adjust to the sudden change of plans for the remainder of the week but also teachers have to formulate lesson plans promptly. Math teacher Diane Walsh is going to have students “do a hands-on lesson or a movie such as Apollo 13 to illustrate the idea of overcoming setbacks.” Health teacher Christen Bertz will keep her lesson plans the same but also wants to “talk about the trip with the seniors because this is a huge disappointment for them but a necessary step to keep our kids and staff safe.” Bertz also added, “To take our group of about one-hundred students to an area that has been targeted in a direct terrorist threat is just not a good idea.”

The delay for the trip “will have no negative financial effects on the students who were planning to go,” reported Falcone. In efforts to try to allow everyone to attend the trip, it will try to be booked in avoidance of important sporting events. Although the postponement of the trip puts a damper on seniors’ good vibes, there are bigger things at hand, such as the loss of many lives internationally, which appears to be overlooked by many students, according to comments made after the assembly.  

As more information becomes available regarding the rescheduling of the trip, the administration will inform students and parents.

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