As the winter sports season approaches, the girls indoor track team has a game plan for the season and is working hard to “obtain their goal of having as many runners in Shorelines and States as possible,” senior captain Taylor Marino says.

Pre-season starts Nov. 8 with a plan to “start off with a lot of conditioning to be in shape for the season, separate into different events, and practice specific skills to execute skills for events perfectly,” says Marino.

“We have a lot of returning runners, so we won’t have any setbacks, especially with our strong upperclassmen Sam Drop, Jess Drop, Megan Decker, and Cassie Kovacs, along with our strong underclassmen Aubrey Figoras, Allie Alsup, and Colleen Coogan,” says Marino confidently.

Indoor track starts on Dec. 6, and “we can’t wait to place high in Shorelines and break more records as a team,” says senior captain Cassie Kovacs.

The girls have seven meets to participate in, along with another five if they qualify: Shorelines, Class S States, State Opens, New England Championship, and Nationals. “The first couple meets are going to set the tone for how the season will go,” Marino says.

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