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These days, it is easy to overlook the fun that you can have in Connecticut.  People nowadays travel out of the country/state in search of excitement and pleasure.  CT residents don’t utilize the state parks, forests and beaches enough.  They should be going to Hammonasset, Wadsworth Falls, etc.  Residents go on exotic vacations, which is nice, but when you come back home, you think you can never gain back that joy.  Except you can.  Here is an itinerary to bring you back to your roots.   It will send you on an adventure that will surely make it one of the best days of your life.



Wake up early Saturday morning, and head to Clinton for a nice breakfast at Coffee Break.

After your done fueling up, you should head to Hammonasset Beach State Park for a nice swim and a pleasant stroll by the shore.

When you are done at the beach, head to Whitney Donut and Sandwich Shop for its famous donuts.

When you have survived the donut shop, head to Sleeping Giant State Park for a pleasurable hike up the mountain.

Once you’ve completed the trek, head to the Luce Restaurant for its Tuscan-influenced meals.  If you still feel up for a dessert, you can head to Durham Dari Serv.

I hope you had an amazing day and an awesome experience.  Be warned: the more places you go to in Connecticut,  the more fun you’ll have with family and friends.








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