What’s Been Cooking in Catering


This year was a success, especially because Catering is a new class to Coginchaug. “I feel that my students have honed their catering skills, and I am confidently sending them off into a new world,” said family and consumer sciences teacher Ms. Jamie Bowman. “I am extremely proud of how far my students have come; unfortunately, there will not be another catering class next year due to a lack of students that meet the requirements.”

“Some events my catering class catered to were the Shoreline Librarian Conference, various teacher luncheons, a Quiz Bowl match, a pie fundraiser and a cupcake fundraiser,” said Ms. Bowman. “We made food for various parent forums and Board of Education meetings.”

Justin Murphy, one of the ten seniors in the class, said, “It’s the dopest class I’ve ever experienced in my high school career. I’ve learned so much from Ms. Bowman’s catering skills that she taught us. She treats us as her equal, which makes the class a lot more interesting and fun.”

Senior Amy Arcari said, “This class encourages me to come to school every day. We developed our catering skills so quick, and our class accomplished so much.”

Senior Kristin Chanthinith said, “It’s the most relaxing class, and I made friends with great people. I loved learning to cook more advanced things.”

“Catering was a triumph this year, and this class will always be remembered,” said senior Taylor Marino. Ms. Bowman added “We have all grown together, and I will miss them very much.”