Emily Dell’Orfano Sings Her Way to the National Choir

     After participation in last year’s Shoreline, Regional, and All-State choirs, Coginchaug junior Emily Dell’Orfano beat out her wide array of competitors and is geared up to participate in a choir composed of the nation’s best and brightest singers.

Coginchaug Junior

Emily Dell’Orfano

Since she has been taking voice lessons since fifth grade and participating in audition choirs since sixth grade, it would seem that a feat such as nationals wouldn’t be such a remarkable one, but in fact, Dell’Orfano revealed the audition process to be quite demanding.  

Logo for the National Association for Music Education

“When I looked it up online, I found out it was a video audition, and that the submission deadline was in a few days.” Dell’Orfano says. “I came to [Coginchaug Choir Director] Mrs. Schilling right away and started planning this out,” she comments.


Because of the time crunch, Emily jumped immediately into the task of perfecting her audition. The difficulty and high speed of the audition piece (provided by the nationals directors) proved difficult and made the perfection of the audition tape a tall order.

“It took us about a weekend of tries… I sang the song about ten takes a day and kept two or three from each day,” Dell’Orfano said. However, with her hours of practicing the piece, along with the help of Coginchaug Choir Director Erin Schilling and her family, she made the cut and is headed to Disney World in Florida the last weekend of November to participate in the National Choir.

Coginchaug Girls A Capella (September 2017)

This accomplishment also foreshadows her future plans. Unlike a large majority of high school students who participate in choir and band, music definitely seems to be in the cards for Dell’Orfano in the future. She comments that she does plan on pursuing music as a college major and possibly a career, most likely in music education.

As for the present, she is enjoying participating in music programs that Coginchaug has to offer, such as chamber choir, show choir, and girls A Capella. “They are so much fun,” says Dell’Orfano. “Best part of my day, honestly.”

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