The Unified Sports soccer game was held at Coginchaug on Friday, Sept. 29. The team played both Middletown and Guilford, splitting into two mini teams, so all three teams could play at the same time. The turf was split into two smaller fields, with one half of the Coginchaug team playing Guilford on one side and the other half playing Middletown on the other side.

Photo by Kory Kevorkian

To warm up, all of the fall sports teams from Strong and Coginchaug got together with the Unified Sports teams to run drills and do stretches. After stretches, the athletes made a tunnel for the teams to run through.

“It made me happy to be part of a special day for the unified team; it was sweet to see all the teams coming together,” Coginchaug cheerleader Erin Harlow said.

The athletes played for five minutes each before switching out with the other members of the team. Coginchaug had the chance to play both Guilford and Middletown. Guilford played Middletown in the last game, while Coginchaug got the chance to play the girls soccer team.

After the games concluded, the three teams got together for pizza and cookies made by the Unified Foods class. All the athletes were talking to people from different teams and complimenting one another on not only their soccer skills but their lives too.

“I talked to one girl from the other school, and she was really nice. She asked me where I planned on going to college and things like that. Overall, everyone there was really nice,” junior Hannah Racki said.

“Unified Sports is where you can be whoever you want to be,” said a Guilford player. “I love it, and it’s my favorite part of the day.”

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