Boys Hockey On Their Way to Greatness, 4-0 in Conference


A few weeks into the season, the boys hockey team has already played seven games going 4-3. While their record isn’t as good as they want it to be, the boys show a real threat against D3 teams going 4-0. Their only losses have come to competitive, hard-working D2 teams.

TJ Isleib #12 skating down the ice Photography by Anthony Curry

“When we come out and score a goal first, we play so much better throughout the whole game,” captain Scott Bradley says, “but when we play a higher-level team, we start slow and flat and go down by one or two and have to make a comeback.”

Team Photo Photography by Amanda Whatrous

The captains are all extremely happy about how they are playing as a team and not playing for themselves. When asked about the playoffs, captain Kyle Roberts responded with a confidence: “We will definitely be looking forward to playoffs, as we are a favorite to win States, and we have been working very hard in order to achieve that. We also hope to get revenge on the SCC finals loss from last year and win that tournament too.”

Pre-game Photography by Dylan Carlson

As the boys’ season continues, they look forward to playing–and hope to beat–their rival Sheehan. The team is also very confident that they will improve their record and be a hard team to beat.

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