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crhsdevilsadv 3 weeks agoThe Speak of the Devil boys are watching the Oscars. Here are Aidan’s picks
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoFinal: Coginchaug 38 Valley 53 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoAfter 3: Coginchaug 23 Valley 45 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoAt the half: Coginchaug 12 Valley 30 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoAfter 1: Coginchaug 11 Valley 17 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoSpeak of the Devil is back. Check out Aidan, Colin, and Hayden’s newest episode on or with…
crhsdevilsadv 1 month agoCheck out my new story
crhsdevilsadv 2 months agoFinal score: 47-33 Cromwell #ctgb @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 2 months ago34-24 Cromwell with one quarter to go #ctgb
crhsdevilsadv 2 months agoThe score is 16-17 Cromwell at halftime.
crhsdevilsadv 2 months agoAt the end of the first, Devils trail to Cromwell 9-8 #ctgb
crhsdevilsadv 2 months agoNew Episode of the Pod with Aidan, Colin, and Hayden: Speak of the Devil – Birdbox
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoColin, Hayden, and Aidan are back with episode two of Speak of the Devil
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoRT @CRHSDevilNation: LHKC ties it up with 5 seconds left in the 3rd period‼️‼️
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoKyle Roberts scores again!! We're tied 2-2
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoHere we are still in the game, Kyle Roberts scored against North Haven keeping us 1-0
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoGET HYPE! IT'S GAME TIME NOW
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoToday is a big day for our Winter athletes (and student section)! Hockey plays at 7:30 @ Northford Ice Pavilion, we…
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoRT @CRHSDevilNation: Coginchaug wins‼️ Jessi King hits the three at the buzzer to put Coginchaug over Valley 52-49. Jesse Berens had 14 and…
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoEnd of the third Devils lead 42 to 28 behind a 12 point quarter by Jessi King. #ctgb @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoAt the half the Jess Berens leads all scores with 10 points. Devils 23 Warriors 15 #ctgbb
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoRT @CRHSDevilNation: After 1: Coginchaug 8 Valley 4 #ctgbb
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoAnd the Blue Devil girls Basketball season is underway. #ctgbb @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 3 months agoWe are live with the first episode of the Speak of the Devil Podcast featuring ⁦@aidanboconnell⁩ ⁦@iAnimate38⁩ ⁦…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoSeniors win 6-0
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoAt the half: Seniors 6 Juniors 0
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoSeniors lead the juniors 6-0 here with 3:45 left in the first half.
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoWarmups have begun #CRHSpowderpuff2018
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCome out to see the senior girls face off against the juniors in the Annual Powderpuff Football Game at 2:15.
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoDay 3 activities started at Arlington National Cemetery. Coginchaug students took part in the Laying of the Wreath.…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoRT @Reg13Athletics: 2018 CIAC Sportsmanship Conference at the Aqua Turf. CRHS was one of nineteen schools recognized as a Michaels’ Achiev…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoVisits to Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial! #CRHSDC
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoGreat tour of the U.S. Capital today! #CRHSDC
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCoginchaug seniors taking a picture with Rosa DeLauro, U.S. Representative for Connecticut. #CRHSDC
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCoginchaug senior class about to head into the U.S. Capital! #CRHSDC
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoRT @rdonecker: CRHS Senior Trip to DC 2018 Day 1 video is up! #CRHSDC
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoRT @GameTimeCT: Wake up with the Just for Kicks podcast #ctbsoc #ctgsoc The guys talk state championship outlooks and predictions Give it a…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoImmaculate #ctgsoc advances to the Class S finals, defeating #Coginchaug 3-0 @GameTimeCT @Reg13Athletics…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoImmaculate scores again; Devils #ctgsoc trails 0-3 with 18:30 left in the second half of Class S Semifinals…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoImmaculate #11 scores; Devils #ctgsoc trails 0-1 with 34:40 left in the second half of Class S Semifinals @Reg13Athletics @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 4 months ago#Coginchaug 0, Immaculate 0 at halftime of #ctgsoc Class S Semifinals #rsd13ct @Reg13Athletics @GameTimeCT…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoNo call on a diving save by #Coginchaug's Claire DeFlora in goal; Devils tied 0-0 with Immaculate with 19:30 left i…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months ago#Coginchaug girls soccer kicks off against Immaculate in the #ctgsoc CIAC Class S Semifinals in Waterbury #rsd13ct…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCoginchaug falls to Lyman Memorial in 3 sets. Lyman Memorial advances to the quarter finals #ctgvb @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCoginchaug falls in second set 25-21 to Lyman Memorial. They look to come back down two sets to none #ctgvb…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCoginchaug looks to bounce back in set two after falling 25-23 in the first #ctgvb @GameTimeCT
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoPre-game Senior Captain Bailey Zettergren being recognized for getting her 1,000 dig during Friday nights game
crhsdevilsadv 4 months ago#Coginchaug girls soccer defeats Parish Hill 7-0 today, advancing to the second round of CIAC Class S #gsoc tourney…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months ago#Coginchaug girls soccer leads Parish Hill 6-0 with 10 minutes left in the first round of Class S #gsoc tourney Pho…
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoRT @SundayMorningCT: In All Honesty is out on all streaming services. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us along the way. This i…

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