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crhsdevilsadv 5 days agoCheck out my new story
crhsdevilsadv 6 days ago#Coginchaug Volleyball Hosts Annual Dig Pink Night THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 20 *6:00 p.m. (time change 10/18) #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 7 days ago#Coginchaug Volleyball Hosts Annual Dig Pink Night THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 20 5:00 p.m. #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 1 week agoCRHS Pep Band at #coginchaug fall pep rally #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 3 weeks ago"MLB 2017 Postseason Breakdown" by Dan Munro #coginchaug #rsd13ct Photo by Frank Franklin I…
crhsdevilsadv 4 weeks agoRT @CRHSDevilNation: After today's win the Devils improve 2-0 and are now ranked #11 in class s. They look to face on valley/old lyme next…
crhsdevilsadv 4 weeks agoHERO Creates Safe Space, Pep Band Rocks the House--Read these new stories and more at #coginchaug #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoAttention seniors: project grad tickets are on sale until friday, you are able to purchase them in the front office
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoSoftball Falls Short in Shorelines; Already Looking Impressive in States
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago#coginchaug softball plays TODAY at Waterford at 4:00 p.m. in first round of States; senior night footage:…
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils unable to tie it up. Hale ray wins 5-3
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHelmedach RBI, 5-3 Hale ray
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago2 runners advance for Devils, labasi out.
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils with 2 on base, one out, labasi up to hit
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago5-2 hale ray heading into the final inning
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHale ray leads 5-2 heading into the 6th
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils trailing 4-2 after 4
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoRBI for Donnelly Devils trail 4-2
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHale Ray takes a 4-0 lead now heading into the top of the fourth
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHale ray still leads 1-0 after 2 innings
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHale Ray takes a 1-0 lead over Coginchaug after the first inning. Lane struck out 2 with bases loaded for the noises and only 1 out
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago"@CoginchaugGolf Wins Shorelines..." & other sports post-season updates at #coginchaug…
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils unable to score in the top of the seventh, ending the game at 2-0 HK.
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils unable to get on the board as we head to the bottom of the 6th. 2-0 HK
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils in scoring position with 2 outs in the top of the sixth
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoNate McDonald battles back from 2 runners on base with no outs and holds HK scoreless in the fifth
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoHK still leads 2-0 after 4
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoBoth teams scoreless in the third, score still 2-0
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoSecond inning finishing up with a score 2-0 in favor of HK
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago2 out in the bottom of the second, but error allows HK to score, putting them up 2-0
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoNarrowly made tag by Turecek at home to hold HK to one run in the first inning.
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoSacrifice pop fly by HK, sending one home. Score 1-0
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoDevils starting the game at bat against HK in the first round of shorelines
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago#Coginchaug softball captains talk about their season #rsd13ct "Don't Let Go of the Rope"
crhsdevilsadv 5 months ago#Coginchaug Baseball Celebrates Senior Night against East Haven #ctbase #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 6 months ago#Coginchaug Takes on North Branford and East Hampton Baseball #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoJuniors and Seniors: the last day to buy tickets for prom is TOMORROW, you don't buy it you don't go
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoSoftball on Dominant Win Streak; @d_helmedach & @natalielabasi Reach Milestone #coginchaug @GameTimeCT #ctsb
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoNathan Timbro's CUSP presentation on text based gaming #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoRT @CRHS_JCL: The legend lives on. #rsd13 #statelatinday
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoRT @CRHS_JCL: Fun in the sun #rsd13 #statelatinday
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoSENIORS: 6 Flags forms and senior picnic forms are due tomorrow!!! Get them in if you want to attend
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoCromwell gets the RBI and ends the game 3-2 in 10 innings
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoGoing to bottom of 10 still 2-2
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoCal pitruzzello with an incredible dive to keep the game going. Top of the 10th inning
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoBottom of nine still 2-2
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoCoginchaug outfield coming up with 2 big plays, headed to the top of the ninth

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