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crhsdevilsadv 3 days agoCoginchaug football falls 20-14 against SMSA
crhsdevilsadv 3 days ago12-8 SMAS
crhsdevilsadv 3 days agoCoginchaug leads 8-6 against SMSA beginning of the fourth quarter😈
crhsdevilsadv 3 days agoCoginchaug scores a touchdown to tie the game! 4 minutes left in the second quarter😈
crhsdevilsadv 3 days agoStart of the second SMSA scores a touchdown and misses the field goal for the extra point. Currently 6 to 0
crhsdevilsadv 1 week agoRT @MsWagemaker: #CoginSocks @CoginShop are Here! Wear your school pride everyday See by Oct 5th…
crhsdevilsadv 1 week agoNew sports articles to kick off fall season at #coginchaug #rsd13ct Photo by Cam Stockdale
crhsdevilsadv 1 week agoRedneck Arena seeking high schoolers for this year's DFair: contact [email protected]
crhsdevilsadv 2 weeks agoPhoto day schedule
crhsdevilsadv 3 weeks agoCRHS Alum @drop_jessica is making an impact at UGA #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 4 months ago
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoRT @GameTimeCT: Old Saybrook sweeps Shoreline Track titles; Coginchaug’s Drop wins 3 events #cttrack…
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCRHS softball Shoreline semi-finals today vs Morgan HOME at 2:30 following yesterday's win over Cromwell #rsd13ct #coginchaug
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoCongratulations #coginchaug senior outdoor track athletes on your last season with #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 4 months agoAre you ready to lounge as an upperclassmen?
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoNew stories! including video of Senior Art Showcase #rsd13ct attached image by @Andrew101697
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoCheck out this Piktochart to find out why it's more beneficial to eat real peanut butter over PB2
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoCheck out this Steller on Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by I am Resilient
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoLive broadcast captured: "Cheshire boys rugby vs. Simsbury 04-29-16" at
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoTune in NOW! for Cheshire rugby vs. Simsbury #coginchaug #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 5 months agoWatch #coginchaug athletes on Cheshire boys rugby take on Simsbury after track meet: *will tweet when game starting
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoBeginning of Act Two
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoAnother outstanding dance by the cast
crhsdevilsadv 6 months ago
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoAnd the show is about to begin
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoIf you get "promposed" to, make sure you tweet the picture of the promposal hashtaged as #CRHSPromposal!
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agofour #coginchaug students and grads released their first single as @SundayMorningCT
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoSam Vigue explores the art around #coginchaug on @stellerstories #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoCheck out my new story
crhsdevilsadv 6 months ago2-hour delay is an A day
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoToday will be an A day due to the two-hour delay #coginchaug #rsd13ct
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoRT @Coginchaugphoto: Photo students experimenting with shutter speed to capture motion. #rsd13CT @crhsdevilsadv @DevilNationNews https://t.…
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoIslamophobia following Brussels attack By Miranda Cronin
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoRT @DevilNationNews: Check out the seniors on day one of the senior trip to DC
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoDevils boys basketball finishes the season second in Class S #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoDevils start the 4th quarter with their #6thMan
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoQuick 2 by Sapia...Devils trail 31-33 with 1:19 in third quarter #Cobb
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoG. Murphy for three...Devils trail Immaculate 12-15 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoPowers sinks 2...Devils lead 7-3 #ctbb
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoPre-game student section is filling up at Mohegan Sun #6thMan
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoPatrick Holdens dream came true... Mr. Coginchaug 2016 has been crowned 👑 #whowillbecrowned
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoThe Unaccompanied Minors perform while the judges make their final decision
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoTop four have been announced after the intermission
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoDear Wes Benjunas and Sunday Morning, we are not better off without you
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoPatrick Holden dedicates his dream to the class of 2016
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoGunther Wallach and Erik Stanzel own the swamp tonight
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoJesse Nelson performs a Zac Brown Band song to his Homegrown town
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoEmma Ackerman shows homemade tricks
crhsdevilsadv 6 months agoMichael O'Keef performs his rare talent shown below

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