Gas prices in Connecticut are at the lowest they’ve been since 2009, and they are predicted to continue to drop. This is because the supply of crude oil in the US is higher than ever, and the demand for that gas has decreased. Another reason is that there have been no major natural disasters or catastrophic events, which often increase oil prices.

“Seasonally, fewer people drive in winter, and thus, gas prices are lower annually to encourage sales; plus, the winter blends of gas are cheaper to make,” biology teacher Dr. Taber explained.

“One reason international prices have lowered is because the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has decided not to regulate the prices but rather let trends occur naturally,” social studies teacher Ms. Jacques said. Many oil providers in the Middle East have lowered prices to drive competition with Canada, which puts a strain on both regions. Oil-rich countries, in which the oil trade is primarily run by their governments, may find themselves short on money. Also affecting prices internationally, people have turned to alternative energy, a newly affordable option which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. This has started to cause a dent in the amount of fossil fuels people purchase.

Younger drivers are more willing to spend money they earn on gas because “it’s easier to use your own money for gas and not have to rely on your parents so much,” senior Dena Branciforte. Other high schoolers agree, and they say their parents are more willing to drive and bring their children to places they want to go because gas is currently so affordable.

President Obama warns the public that low prices will not last forever; therefore, do not spend saved money on a whim, but rather spend it on things that can still be used after the prices increase again. He suggests that consumers buy major needed appliances or get ahead on bills.

The gas prices may not stay this low forever, but for right now, almost everyone can agree a price cut at the pumps is much appreciated.

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