Schoolwide Sickness Leads to Pep Rally Cancellation

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Schoolwide Sickness Leads to Pep Rally Cancellation

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Due to the illness spreading around Coginchaug, the spring pep rally has been cancelled. The decision was made by Mr. Falcone and Mr. Gustafson after speaking to student council adviser and Spanish teacher Mrs. Kate Germond.

“We actually had our last meeting yesterday about ten minutes before I got the email saying it was cancelled,” said Mrs. Germond.

The staff was emailed at 9:38 a.m., and it was announced at 10:42 a.m. to the rest of the school. Mr. Gustafson reported that the reasoning behind the cancellation was the 15 staff members who were absent. They had a difficult time covering all the absences especially in the physical education department.

Mrs. Germond said, “…with a fifth of the population of students being out, and that many teachers being out, they were worried about having the substitutes having to cover something so involved [because they don’t know the students well].”

“It was a hard decision to make because [the student council and Mrs. Germond] put so much effort into it,” said Mr. Gustafson.

When asked how they felt about the cancellation of the pep rally, most students felt that the right decision had been made although they were disappointed. Junior tennis player Lauren Badin said, “I respect the decision, but I feel it shouldn’t have been cancelled because it’s a good way to get pumped up for the upcoming season.”

Another junior, Kyle Judson, said, “It’s a shame it’s cancelled because it’s cool to watch the games at the rally, but the staff made the smart decision to cancel.”

The teachers seemed to have the same opinion regarding the matter. “I am upset because it is great for the kids and a great environment every once and a while,” said math teacher Mr. Craig Bradanini.

“When you work in a school environment, you have to be flexible to these kinds of things,” said social studies teacher Mrs. Julie Lagace.

Contrary to popular belief, the pep rally isn’t officially canceled, just postponed. “We met yesterday after school with the department heads and discussed rescheduling the pep rally but did not decide on a date,” said Mr. Gustafson.

Hopefully Coginchaug students and teachers will be feeling better by the rescheduled pep rally date.