New Classes at Coginchaug


The 2015-2016 school year is full of changes, which included 22 new classes proposed in this year’s course selection guide.  Although not all these classes were run this year, these new options allow students to have new experiences in different areas that will assist them in making choices in the future.

Although the new courses are an addition to the school, teaching a class that has never been taught before can be a challenge. The theater production class “is not the typical classroom,” said theater production teacher Mr. David Maher. “Every student has different jobs which makes it difficult to make everyone accountable for doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Students must be proactive.”

Many of the teachers are writing their own curriculum, while the UConn classes must be approved by UConn. The UConn classes allow students to get the college experience in a high school environment while they earn college credit.   

Marketing Essentials and Fashion Marketing are the two new classes taught by business teacher Mr. Ryan Donecker. These classes are “…completely aligned with DECA, and due to DECA’s popularity, it was important to create more classes that students would find interesting,” Donecker said.  

The new classes that have been added to Coginchaug provide students with more variety and choices when picking out classes. Many students are interested in more classes being added in the future.