On March 1, 2016, Coginchaug principal Brian Falcone plans to start directing the CRHS maintenance and building team on removing countertops and possibly painting walls in room 116 to reconstruct the area into a specialty “Upperclassmen Lounge.” Since space is often limited and crammed in the sunroom of the library due to an abundance of students in Flex Study Halls,  Mr. Falcone is putting the idea of an improved, premium location into action, strictly for juniors and seniors.

In order to be allowed into the lounge, upperclassmen must hold the same minimum grade requirements as having a flex study hall (juniors cannot receive any grade below a C- for quarter grades, and seniors cannot receive any grade below a D- for quarter grades). “The privilege of the lounge will definitely help to prevent senior slide,” senior Paige Koba claimed.

Bungee chairs, couches, coffee tables, five-six computers, and a projector to play DVDs and connect to game systems will be provided in this peaceful yet entertaining workspace. “Since the furniture is easily moveable, I’m leaving it up to students to decide the layout of the room,” noted Mr. Falcone. “Whatever you guys would like to decorate the area can be considered.” 

Ordering furniture this week, Falcone has high hopes of being able to complete the Upperclassmen Lounge before the Washington, DC trip marked for March 20. “I’m really excited for the lounge since it’s a special addition just for juniors and seniors,” said senior Danny Gavrilovic. This  new lounge will create an alternative location for juniors and seniors who are crowding in the library and will utilize a computer lab room that is no longer regularly put to use by students, in the advent of one-to-one personal computers.



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