After looking at statistics gained by a study of the towns of Durham and Middlefield, Superintendent Dr. Kathryn Veronesi and some of her staff decided to close Francis E. Korn Elementary School. Due to the decreasing student enrollment, class sizes are becoming too small.

The plan for affected students is that third graders will continue at Brewster, which is becoming K-3, and the fourth graders will move up to Memorial, which will be 4-6. Once this plan takes effect, Veronesi claims “some positions will be eliminated”. Most teachers are being moved with the students but not all.

The study that was performed is predicting the high school enrollment, which is approximately 580 students as of 2016, will drop down to about 400 students in the next five years. This is because the district is drawing from fewer people, and when families are looking into buying houses, the taxes in Durham and Middlefield are outweighing the education.

What is going to be done with Korn once it is no longer used as a school? To answer that question, Dr. Veronesi said, “Korn is an equity state of both Durham and Middlefield.” This means that once Korn is not used as a school, Durham and Middlefield both have to decide what is done with it since it is an equally shared property between the two. Although it is now going to be used for alternative purposes, Veronesi said it’s a possibility that BASREP (an after school program for students whose parents can’t get them off the bus) and Coginchaug’s cheerleading program should both still be able to use the carpeted gym during the next school year, but nothing has been officially decided.

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