Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions

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A combined group of Devil’s Advocate and DECA students attended the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce’s 29th Annual Business & Education Partnership & Hal Kaplan Middletown Mentor Program Recognition Breakfast on April 29.

Wesleyan President Mr. Mike Roth gave a very inspirational speech that taught students life lessons and how to succeed in life.  In his speech, he emphasized discovering what you love to do, deciding to get better at it and learning how to share it with others.   

Roth wants students to find what they love to do: “Discover what you love to do, what gives you meaning, what makes you feel more alive.” He also said, “Most people at a place like Wesleyan know how to get good grades, get As and take tests,” but kids should find out what they love and stick with it.  He wants students to work on their academics but also focus on their social life and career goals.  

Many students haven’t thought about what they want to do. Future leaders should “try things that might be enlightening to [them] when [they] get into real world” because later on in life, it becomes “harder to ask yourself, am I doing what I love to do?” Roth said.

Gaining a good education helps in the long run because “you can discover what you like to do; it gives you the chance to find out what’s precious to you”.  Mr. Roth also stated that “you shouldn’t waste your education”.  Students shouldn’t waste the time that they have to learn.  it is important that you decide what you love to do and get better at it.  Mr. Roth said, “Our students learn how to get much better at something they’re already good at.”

Students know how to do their work, but it’s harder for them to share it with others.  Mr. Roth said, “That’s when your work becomes more valuable.”  Your work becomes “even more compelling” when you share it with other people interested in the same subject.  Wesleyan is known for sharing its work with the community and looks to instill this practice in its students.  

These three points are vital to the understanding of how to survive and prosper in the real world.  College graduates will have learned how to share their work with others.  They also learn how to increase their knowledge in a specific field and then branch off from there.  All these things will help students prepare for the real world and learn to grow.


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