CRHS Adopts



“Adopt don’t shop.” Everyone knows the Humane Society slogan that’s made rescuing pets from a shelter less of a noble cause and more of a mainstream idea, but why is adopting a shelter dog better than taking home a pet store pet?

1. Second chance

When you take home a dog from a shelter, you’re most likely saving a life because the majority of shelter dogs are on death row if they can’t find a home soon enough, even if they’re well behaved and deserving of a family. Even in no-kill shelters, some dogs (mostly older ones) can spend their whole lives behind bars.

2. Puppy mills

Puppy mills are places that breed dogs for commercial purposes, usually in large amounts, and in inhumane conditions. That means small cages, not enough food and water, and poor or no veterinary care. Puppies at puppy mills are usually separated from their mothers before they should be and shipped off to your local pet store. There’s no legal definition for a puppy mill so even with “verification” from pet store owners, there’s still a very good chance that’s where their dogs are coming from.

3. Pre-trained and well behaved

A lot of older shelter dogs (and even some of the younger ones) were placed there after already being trained. Some people only get rid of their dogs because they can’t provide for them anymore because of a variety of reasons such as having a baby, moving to a no pets allowed apartment, or being unable to pay for food or vet bills.

4. Low cost

While dogs at pet stores can cost over $1,000, shelter dogs rarely cost over $50, even less for dogs who are already neutered. Plus, most shelters make sure dogs are up to date on their shots and get checked up on by vets.


My dog Ivy was a shelter dog, and she’s the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s well trained, smart, energetic and overall a great best friend. I highly recommend giving adoption a chance. If you’re looking to adopt a shelter dog, I recommend looking at Petfinder. They’ll help you find a dog that fits really well into your home.