By Megi Zaclli & Charlotte Devers

“Having lights on both the football field and tennis courts would provide the best opportunity for students,” said a resident of Durham at the Dec. 14 Regional School District 13 Board of Education meeting, which took place in the Coginchaug library and had a positive turnout.

The discussion had been delayed six-and-a-half-years, and the organization for the project is 90 percent complete, according to the planning committee. So far, $90,000 dollars has been invested toward this work-in-progress. Mr. Nick Faiella, father of three students in the district, president of the Coginchaug Football Club boosters and co-chair of the field house committee, named this project the “long-term financial plan.”  Since this has been going on for many years and it requires a lot of thought about installing the lights, many people shared their ideas and thoughts in the meeting.   Some ideas shared by community members included improving the overall environment of the field house by, for example, implementing actual bathrooms rather than port-a-potties and introducing revenue by hosting additional events.

Mrs. Jen Zettergren is a mother of several students in the district, also co-chair of the field house committee, a sub-committee formed under the All Sports Booster Club, along with Faiella. “This is not just for the students enrolled in the high school now but for the future students and the community,” stated Zettergren.   “It also allows the students to be more involved and invested in the school.”

Being student-athletes, we agree that installing lights on the field would allow us as to be more connected with one another and the school because we can open up more opportunities for the public to come to these games and give people chances to be more active in the high school.  It would allow us to host more home games for our valuable football and tennis teams and support our student-athletes the best we can.  Other towns in the Pequot Conference have lights on their fields which gives them an advantage as they are able to have their night games at their own field rather than having them all away.

Mentioned in the meeting was a reflection of pride toward the community and pride toward the facilities we have. It is very important that we have this connection throughout our community so that we can feel together as one. Having lights on the football and tennis courts will be a step towards that goal.

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