CRHS Students Saving Lives

By Natalie Labasi and Lizzie Whitaker

On March 2, 2017 Coginchaug held its annual blood drive in the gymnasium. The drive was open to any 17-18 year old Coginchaug students and any staff member who wanted to help save up to three people by giving one pint of blood.

The drive was put on by the American Red Cross while the CRHS Student Council helped the Red Cross staff by checking in those who were donating, along with being responsible for escorting students to the snack area when they were done with their donation.

Many students and staff donated blood throughout the day making the drive a huge success. In fact, many people who had not scheduled an appointment prior wanted to give, but they had to be turned away due to an overflow of donators.  Students that were giving blood ended up missing up to three hours of class, either because the wait was long or because they were not feeling well after their donation.

Some of those who gave blood had donated before, while others were doing it for the first time; however, regardless of whether or not someone had donated before, most students were giving for the same reason, to help people.

Hayley McIntyre, a CRHS senior who had donated before, said she was giving blood because she wants to “help people who have gotten in accidents” along with “cancer patients who need it.” Another CRHS senior, Madison Terrill, was giving blood because it was something she had “never done before” and she likes the “idea of helping people.”

Those who participated in the drive first had to talk to a Red Cross employee and give a sample of blood to ensure that they were eligible to donate. Those who were eligible were then taken to be prepped for the actual donation. During the donation, students gave one pint of blood and while doing so were able to relax and talk to others who were also donating. After donating, students were required to relax in a designated area where they could eat and drink food and beverages containing sugar in order regain their strength. Once the students were feeling up to it, they were able they could return to class, knowing that they had done their part to help save lives.   




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