2018 Fashion Show: Models’ Perspective

 Coginchaug Fashion Marketing held a successful fashion show on Wednesday, Jan. 10 in the cafeteria. Pairs of students created mini themes, choosing student models to walk in the show. I was asked to model for seniors Carly Lane and Kate Annechino for their theme ‘winter bird.’

 “The experience was so much fun,” said one of their models, Tyra Hultgren. “It was a good time, we got to dress up and walk the runway.”

 “I wore a leather skirt, black heels and a big, white fur coat,” said Hultgren.

 As the students in the class worked hard for several weeks planning this, the models had to first meet up with the students before the show to try on the outfits to make sure everything fit right. Then, the models just had to arrive at the show and dress up according to what the students picked out for them. Although the class didn’t enter in any competition, they followed the DECA FIDM competition guidelines and had all the requirements. Their purpose was for an end-of-semester project.

 Along with modeling, a video had to be made to present for the audience, explaining the outfits and their themes. For my group, I got together with the two other students I was modeling with, Hultgren and Demarie Del Vecchio, and who we were modeling for, Lane and Annechino. Due to their theme, we filmed outside in the snow. It was fun because I felt like we were making a music video and having a photoshoot all at the same time.

 “It didn’t seem like a project at all,” said Hultgren. “The show was very enjoyable with all my friends. It was more of a fun event to me than a project. Even though it was cold, making the video was fun too with the music and my friends being there.”

 “A bunch of our other friends were there cheering us on. It turned out to be another memorable night, especially for the seniors,” said Hultgren.

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