Coginchaug High School has had several rule changes as well as event changes for the 2014-15 school year. This has raised numerous questions and concerns from the student body.

On September 16th, 2014, Morgan Cunningham, Zoe Strothers, and Ana Coviello, three video production students, interviewed Coginchaug’s new principal, Brian Falcone. The students asked Falcone several interesting questions regarding Homecoming, embarrassing high school experiences, and even Crocs.

In response, they received some very unique answers. When Falcone was asked, “If you could be any candy, what type of candy would you be?” he responded, “I would have to go with Dove chocolate. Just because inside the wrapper there are inspirational messages and it’s like a fortune cookie for me. So when I open it, I get inspired to do different things.”

Although there were a few humorous questions like this one, the students cleared up several rumors going around the school about next year’s schedule, new technology, and events leading up to Homecoming.

View the complete interview below.

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