Former Coginchaug Student Returns as New French Teacher

Following the retirement of teacher Nancy Alberico and the sabbatical of teacher Donna Cashore, Coginchaug 2012 graduate Mademoiselle Justine Plourde is the new French teacher. Before coming to Coginchaug, she received her undergraduate and Masters from UConn and taught French at a middle school in Vernon. 

Mademoiselle Plourde is excited to be teaching here.

“I am most looking forward to meeting a new community of people and using the French language at a more advanced level [than middle school] here at Coginchaug.”

Mademoiselle Plourde mentions that her experience teaching here so far has been wonderful. 

She explains, “All of my students are great and are willing to try new things.” 

In addition, she tells us that all her colleagues are very welcoming and supportive of her as she takes on her new teaching role at Coginchaug. Mademoiselle Plourde implies that knowing and having Madame Cashore as a teacher has made her transition to teaching at Coginchaug much easier. Madame Cashore is always in contact with her and has left many supplies for Mademoiselle Plourde to use. 

Mademoiselle Plourde explained the differences between Coginchaug now and when she attended high school here as a student. She explains how there are not any drastic changes, but the library and cafeteria are different in that they are both now more community friendly, and the schedule has changed with there being shorter class periods than before.

Mademoiselle Plourde plans on having her students participate in more hands-on activities in which they will be able to explore the French 

language on their own terms. 

Mademoiselle Plourde is exceptionally excited to be back at Coginchaug as a teacher now, stating, “It feels good to be home, and the teachers are excited that I am back to teach here.” She is very much looking forward to this school year.