Should Healthcare Workers Be Paid More


Healthcare workers are courageous adults who take care of us when we are in the worst situation of our lives. They don’t ask for much; some are fathers or mothers who come home after a long day of work to their families. But during Covid-19, many of those healthcare workers come home, and they can’t see their family; then they wake up and go back the next day and the day after that. So why is it that a CT registered nurse means pay is only $81,220 a year? Why isn’t it more? They risk their lives for us, and they can’t make as much as superstars or lawyers? 

Did you know that an average lawyer makes around $120,000 a year? That’s not to say that lawyers should be making less. But healthcare workers have to de

al with high levels of stress and sometimes PTSD or other mental health problems because of what they have to do and deal with. So how come a superstar football player can make millions of dollars a year? For example, Bryce Harper can make 10 million dollars a year playing baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, but a Patient Care Technician in Connecticut can only make $30,150 a year? So why do we put so much money into our entertainment but not into healthcare and safety?

I think we need to put more money into our healthcare systems. I think this pandemic is a wake up call, showing that we need to treat our health

care workers better, and we need to prepare for pandemics like this for the future. According to USA Today, the United States stockpile of medical supplies and masks was depleted from the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and was never replenished from the Obama administration despite calls to do so. 

As someone who wants to go into the healthcare field, you might say I’m biased, but I know some nurses and other healthcare workers through my life as a ski patroller, and the people I know can’t go home and can’t see their families every day, so while your suffering through this quarantine, just imagine what a healthcare worker is going through or their families.