Is America Back?

The past year of the Biden administration has been a stark contrast to the previous administration, with everything from foreign affairs to domestic matters demanding attention. America has been in a vulnerable position for the past few years, some even saying it has become too fragile. With social unrest and political tension at every corner, will we ever get back to the America we used to be?

The 2007-08 financial crisis was one of the most destructive economic schemes in the country and it caused many to realize that the American elites had failed. They failed to deliver the American dream: a better life for our children and a rising standard of living. This singular event caused us to pay more attention to the disparities around us. College education, for many, cost as much as the house they lived in. Healthcare and medicine became triple the cost than that of many other nations. American longevity has been at a standstill for quite some time, but have the decisions of current leaders finally revealed the power manipulation from elites in America?

The Biden administration is no doubt attempting to reverse the impacts of the previous administration, starting with outlining a new social contract. There are calls for greater progressive taxes, rebuilding infrastructure, economic equality, awareness towards the environment, and a willingness to accept social diversity. This administration has pushed for domestic alternatives on goods and services such as auto parts, medical supplies, and more, advocating for organized labor. 

With all of the recent changes in domestic affairs and our imminent leading role with foreign matters, there are still multiple questions to be answered. What will happen after the next 3 years? Can America survive another contrasting administration? Will we have the power to withstand the possibility of these changes being reversed once again? And finally, is America really back, or is all of this temporary?