Student responses to Friday’s Walkout


Davin Hettrick, Senior
“Well, I just wanna support the community cus’ what happened was bad. I just want the school to change. Right now we’re not at a sustainable point.”  (Davin Hettrick, Senior)
Bellamia Olivieri, Senior
“It’s sad that we even have to do something like this because even though it’s a small part of our school that there are minorities of different color, we shouldn’t have to deal with things like this, at all. But I’m really happy we’re doing it.”  (Bellamia Olivieri, Senior)
Charity Skinner, Freshmen
“I feel very grateful to the people who planned it, and even though there are still some people laughing, thinking it’s all a joke. There are still some people in here that are grateful like I am for it, and who are supporting it. And I’m also really grateful also for the amount of teachers who are here cheering this as well, and I really appreciate it.”  (Charity Skinner, Freshmen)


Payton Breault, Junior
“I think it was a bit rushed, I think we could’ve put a little more planning into it, I think it could be a little more longer. otherwise not, I think it’s fine.”  (Payton Breault, Junior)
Rebecca Ebunola, Freshmen
“I’m happy that this happened, because it needs to happen and it needs to be addressed that racism is a real problem at the school.”  (Rebecca Ebunola, Freshmen)
Hamed Yaghi, Senior
“I feel like it’s a step in the right direction. A lot of people talked about it and said that things would be done. Not everything is handled properly, and some people don’t really tell important things because they don’t feel like they would be heard, and I feel like this movement and how the administration supported it, it’s a step in the right direction. I think we should take that step and get to our destination.”  (Hamed Yaghi, Senior)