Traditions That Endure: World Language Honor Societies Induction


Ben Shoudy – Contributed Photo

Taking the time to recognize student achievement has always been an important part of Coginchaug’s traditions. The morning of October 18, 2022, was no exception. Parents, faculty, administrative staff, and honorees gathered in the Julian B. Thayer Auditorium for the 24th Annual World Language Honor Societies Induction Ceremony to recognize exceptional Spanish and French students.

While academic excellence and doing quality work in their world language classes were key factors for acceptance, inductees of both societies were selected based on consistently displaying exemplary character and the willingness to serve the community through volunteer activities sponsored by the honor societies. Additionally, students invited to apply for membership were required to be enrolled in at least the third level of their chosen world language.

During the ceremony, a total of 28 juniors and seniors (listed below) were called up individually by the Spanish Honor Society Frida Kahlo Chapter’s co-presidents, Katie Farr and Serena Fournier. Additionally, Monica Garbacz and Nick Sklutovsky from the French Honor Society announced the 12 sophomores, juniors, and seniors (listed below) who were being inducted. All inductees from both societies lit a candle during their portion of the ceremony, then recited a pledge stating their commitment to the honor society in their respective languages.

Being a part of the world language honor societies requires members to be active participants in fundraisers, community service activities, and other sponsored events. Members of the Spanish Honor Society are involved in their community through tutoring CRHS students in Spanish, organizing food and toy drives, participating in fall and spring road cleanups, the annual Fajita Fiesta, representing the Spanish Honor Society at school events, and volunteering at the Durham Lions Club’s booth at the Durham Fair. The Spanish Honor Society also strives to make a difference in the lives of people from Spanish-speaking countries through the annual sponsorship of a student from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Likewise, membership in the French Honor Society requires dedication and commitment to volunteering. Members of the society help run the Lyman Orchards Corn Maze and organize a variety of fundraising activities for holidays such as National French Week and Valentine’s Day. The proceeds from these events are donated to the Red Cross and the HALO Foundation which fund disaster relief efforts in Haiti. 

Being inducted into a world language honor society is very meaningful to students as it enables them to improve the lives of people in other countries, while simultaneously expanding their knowledge of their chosen language and the culture associated with it.

Junior Diya Patel mentioned that as a newly-inducted member of the Spanish Honor Society, she wants to “promote… diversity amongst [her] peers and advocate for cultural trips across the globe which can diversify the student body and educate about different perspectives.”

Similarly, sophomore Jack Tobin commented that membership in the French Honor Society means that he is “a part of something bigger”, and he hopes to “promote cultural acceptance, as well as further [his] knowledge of the French language and bring the community together.”

It is evident that the new inductees to both honor societies are eager and enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote their own honor society’s culture and language while serving the local and global communities. 

The Devil’s Advocate would like to congratulate all new members of the Spanish and French Honor Societies. We look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish this year!


Katie Trainer – Contributed Photo

Spanish Honor Society Inductees: Cali Beebe, Riley Biro, Henry Bugai, Taylor Connell, Faith Corona, Jack Franceschet, Marlee Geyser, Grace Harkins, Natalie Hayward, Rachel Hayward, Norah Healy, Lauren Konefal, Paige Konopka, Abigail Meliso, Malone O’Sullivan, Claire Pareti, Devan Patel, Diya Patel, Jake Raney, Piper Remillard, Margaret Ross, Kristin Ryan, Nicholas Smith, Elizabeth Sorensen, Molly Stoetzle, Sawyer Stone, Christos Wheatley, Alexandra Woznyk


Katie Trainer – Contributed Photo

French Honor Society Inductees: Micah Ackerman, Emily Allen, Hannah Bugai, Morgan Cesario, Delilah Ferreira, Charlie Lisac, Ember Merrill, Claire Roraback, Allison Strang, Jack Tobin, Allison Vigue, Winifred Zhou