CRHS Cheerleaders “Bring it on for Nina”

Photo from Poeta Family Fund

Photo by Poeta Family Fund

On Fri. Nov. 28, 15 of the CRHS Cheerleaders attended a fundraiser dance “Bring it on for Nina” in memory of Nina Poeta, a 17-year-old Seymour High School cheerleader who passed away recently from a cancerous brain tumor. Her friends and family continue to raise money to pay for medical bills, transportation, and other costs related to Nina’s battle with cancer.

“I thought the dance was going to be sad, but it felt more like a celebration of Nina’s life,” said CRHS junior cheerleader Kia Boreland. “We had a lot of fun, and our money went to a good cause.”

The cheerleaders donated at least $10 each for a total of $240; many girls also purchased shirts to promote the cause, featuring the tagline Keep Calm and Nina Strong. Many attending cheerleading teams also created a personalized cheer in memory of Nina, and the CRHS Cheerleaders won first place with their performance.

Beyond the cheer competition, the banquet hall was filled with positive symbols of Nina rather than focusing on the sadness her passing has brought to many.

“The whole place was covered in pink,” said junior cheerleader Ava Altschuler. “Everyone had a really good time.”

As the cheerleaders returned to school wearing their Nina pride shirts, small circles of the CRHS community responded with interest.


The Poeta Family Fund sells many items to contribute to the Poetas’ financial burden and to keep Nina’s memory alive.




Contributing Reporter Miranda Cronin

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