Tie-Dyeing CRHS


In Mrs. Anderson’s chemistry class the student did an experiment that they could take home: tie dye shirts. The process took around two days to complete and was fun and also informational.

Step 1: Soak the shirts in sodium carbonate for 24 hours prior to dyeing


Step 2: After 24 hours remove the t-shirt from the solution and twist into a spiral

Step 3: Separate the shirt into segments with 4 rubberbands


Step 4: Pick which colors you want to dye the shirt (blue and red)


Step 5: Dye the segments on the first side


Step 6: Dye the second side with the corresponding colors


Step 7: Wrap the shirt in newspaper and put it in a plastic bag

Step 8: Leave for 24 hours and then wash out the dye in a bathtub and leave to dry


Step 9: Wear and enjoy