CRHS Junior Places #1 in the Country

Junior Morgan Cunningham attended Varsity’s The Summit cheerleading competition in Orlando, Florida on May 2nd and 3rd. Ten percent of the all star cheerleading teams in the country ever get a bid to go, and only ten teams in the senior level 4.2 division did this year.

After having a difficult season due to several injuries and complications, the SappFIRES from Spirit All Stars practiced hard and took on The Summit with confidence. On Saturday May 2, the girls competed at 9:20 pm. Half way through the routine, their music skipped to the end and turned off, causing one of the flyers to fall. The girls cleared the stage, as they could not finish their routine. Minutes later, they were told that they would be provided a chance to perform again with a clean slate, because it wasn’t their fault that the music skipped. The second time around, the girls performed a deduction free routine. Five of the ten teams in this division advanced to finals, Sapphires being one of them. They were in second place, and their score was a 96.4/100, just .4 behind the first place team’s score of 96.8.

After reviewing score sheets and discussing points of improvement with their coaches, the girls had a short practice to fix these areas on the morning of Sunday May 3. “Every little thing counts,” says coach Jackie Desautels, “even if it’s just the slightest bent knee.” SappFIRES attended finals and competed at 4:23 pm, with another deduction free routine. When meeting with the team prior to the awards ceremony, coach Tasha Hiraldo said, “You killed it. You guys killed it! So be proud of what you put on, no matter what happens, okay?” All of the teams in the senior level 4.2 division hit a deduction free routine during finals. At the awards ceremony, the announcer revealed that the final scores in this division were all within half of a point. The girls took home first place, being named the number one senior 4.2 team in the country.

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