As Coginchaug students approach the end of first quarter, every assignment begins to count to maintain their grades or to scavenge for a single extra point. It seems as if two-weeks until the marking period closes, “teachers pile on the homework and tests,” said sophomore Alyssa Lecza.

It may feel like teachers are causing the stress due to the cramming and work overload, but “students should stay on top of staying organized and start the quarter off strong by not procrastinating, and it’ll be easier to stay calm towards the end,” suggested biology and AP biology teacher Mrs. Nancy Siedlecki.

Within the last two weeks of the quarter, students reach out to teachers for extra help, focus on studying, and complete test corrections. “Make sure to actually meet in person with teachers you need extra help from; don’t just email them,” said business teacher Ms. Susan Wagemaker.

Often times, students panic the very week of the closing marking period and ask for extra credit assignments which most high school teachers don’t practice because “the students who are coming to me two days before the quarter ends are usually the ones who haven’t seen me all quarter or kept up with assignments,” said Wagemaker.

“I try not to give tests the last week of the quarter, but a lot of times a test just happens to fall there,” reasoned Siedlecki. Although a test the last week of the quarter may seem like an inconvenience, you can use it to your advantage if you study hard. To help manage studying and homework time, junior and student athlete Olivia Preneta reports, “I use my agenda every day to write down things I need to get done and stay organized.”

The key to succeeding in earning high test grades to benefit your course grades is discovering what studying style works best for you. Senior Westly Benjunas “reviews packets and former quizzes before a test because trying to just memorize all of the information never works.” On the other hand, Lecza suggests “studying with flashcards because solely reviewing [her] notes doesn’t help.”

Even if you slip up on a test, you can dedicate your time to completing test corrections which some teachers offer, including the entire math department and part of the science wing. “I let my B-level Biology students complete test corrections,” said Siedlecki.

There are countless opportunities to help boost your grades the last quarter, but there is no magic wand to do the work for you. Students must realize that the easiest and most effective way to receive a report card that they’re content with is to be consistent with practicing time management and be proactive; utilize x-block, visit teachers regularly for one-on-one assistance, and simply do your work.

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