Coginchaug Alumni Basketball Game

On Monday, Nov. 28 the Benchwarmers hosted an alumni game in which graduated basketball players, both young and old, play against one another. They also invited the fifth grade boys and sixth grade girls travel teams to show their skills. The boys played a very close game with a final score of 6-4, the white team won. While the girls had a slightly larger gap of 8-4, the blue team won.

In the alumni game, Steve Bartunek, class of 1997, played a great game with 18 of the blue team’s 41 points, most of which came off of steals leading to a fast break play. Tim Schuler, also on blue, from the class of 1968 (67 years old), brought his A-game to the court that night not by points but by assists, with eight total and also started the game off with a fancy no-look, behind the back pass to Jeff Grenier, class of 1986.

On the red team, Adam Poturnicki, class of 1995, had some great big man moves to the basket and helped the team exceptionally on defense with three strong blocks and nine rebounds. When asked about the game Poturnicki said, “I’ve always loved the gym at Coginchaug so I try to take advantage of every opportunity I can to play there. The alumni game is the perfect forum for that and being able to play with guys who played prior to,with, and after me is a unique experience. I’ll keep playing as long as they keep calling me back.”

The blue team, coached by Marty Roberts, was able to pull out a 41-38 win against red. It was a close game all the way with blue and red scoring one after another. Red took the lead in the third quarter, but lost it in a matter of minutes.

The scorekeepers were Scott Strang and Ryan Donecker, and the referees were Coginchaug students Hunter Jameson (junior), Griffin Murphy (senior), Thomas (TJ) Vallone (sophomore), and Paige Copeland (senior).