Ice Hockey in the Fall


In the fall people, are busy watching the football team, but at the same time there is ice hockey going on. The captains of the Trojans ice hockey team that has a couple players from Coginchaug on the team. Kyle Roberts, from Coginchaug and Jared Sullivan, from H-K are the two of the 4 captains,  Kyle isn’t on the team but still goes to the games.

Going into the fourth year of the Lyman Hall/Haddam-Killingworth/Coginchaug ice hockey co-op, the fall team is on a two-game winning streak and are looking very prominent in the rest of the season. They beat Cheshire 7-2 and then they beat Sheehan 4-2. They have been coming to play and make it to the playoffs.

“I came to a couple of the games and they have a good chance of winning playoffs,” said assistant captain Kyle Roberts.  With a lot of newcomers on the team, they have acquired a handful of great players. “TJ Arduini is very swift with the puck and is not scared to take the body even though he is about 100 pounds,” said assistant captain Jared Sullivan. With two new fall coaches the players reacted fairly well to it considering their current two-game winning streak.  The coaches are coach Chordas and Petit who are parents of players on the team. “I think the coaches are good but they skate us a lot to get ready for the intensity of the winter season,” said Jared.

The fall season is much different compared to the normal season; the intensity and commitment isn’t the same. “The energy of the fans isn’t there so players aren’t as motivated or don’t care if they show up to practices or games,” said Roberts. The fall season is more of a season to let everyone get some ice time considering they run four lines compared to the usual two during the winter season.

“This season is to help the younger kids get a feel for what the winter season is really gonna be like, like getting used to getting hit and giving hits, and how much faster the pace is,” said Sullivan.

The winter season starts up December 3rd, be on the look out for the schedule.

Last year’s goalie Finely VanHouten makes a save in front of the net. Photo by Ted Blanchard

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