Pep Band Rocks the House at the First Few Home Football Games

Football is not only an exciting time for the athletes but also for all the musical students within Coginchaug. The pep band, a group of band students who play during timeouts, touchdowns, and halftime, joined band director Mr. timothy Fisher Saturday, September 9th and 16th.


Clarinet Section
Photo by: @CRHSMusic

“We had a good turnout,” said Mr. Fisher, pleased about how pep band’s first performance went. “Because it was so early in the year, we decided to only go with the upperclassmen to give the freshmen a little more time to learn the music, and that was helpful because it didn’t feel like anybody was really lagging behind.”

Ella Dibernardo, one of the players that was present at the game, said, “I think the first day went well, mainly because it was all upperclassmen and we knew the stuff better than some of the underclass. But once they join I’m sure it will sound a lot fuller and better.”

Fisher agrees; “I think the freshmen are great. We have a really nice influx of talent.”

And you won’t be only hearing some of the same classics as the previous year.

“I did let a couple students pick new songs for this year, and they selected ‘Take On Me’ by Aha,  “Brain Stew” by Green Day, and a pack of songs called “Shorties” which are great because sometimes you only have 20 seconds to play and they are short little arrangements of [popular] pop tunes.”

Pep band will perform more this fall at the next home football game, Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017.

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