Directed by Rian Johnson | Prod. by Kathleen Kennedy | PG-13 | 2h 35m | Sci-Fi | Released Dec. 15 2017

By Jackson Volenec & Patrick Kearney

     Jan. 10, 2018

Ever since the reboot of the Star Wars franchise in 2015 when Disney purchased Lucasarts and released The Force Awakens,  the Star Wars films of this decade have been generally well received by critics and fans alike. This film, on the other hand, is very polarizing among viewers. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes’  “Tomatometer” for The Last Jedi is 90% for critic scores, but the audience score is currently at 49%. Why is this? The director for this film, Rian Johnson, has been known for his ambitious and daring film making in the past (such as Looper & Brick), and The Last Jedi is no exception. Fans of the older trilogy are not open to some of the new ideas added to the Star Wars Universe in this film.

This film’s plot, without giving anything away, consists of several small stories in the beginning all merging into the suspenseful and climactic ending. Throughout the film, there are major twists that will defy expectations and surprise audience members. Every cast member gives a solid performance all throughout the film. There was no specific part during our viewing experience where we had any complaints about the performances of any of the actors. Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver are both great lead roles, and they are quite convincing and dramatic when they need to be. All of the characters in The Last Jedi are developed extensively off of the previous film, The Force Awakens, and there are surprising character arcs that old and new characters alike all go through. The Last Jedi is a bold extension of the Star Wars Universe, not afraid to extend what the fans had already known and add new elements to the plot line and the lore.

John Williams provides yet another breathtaking orchestral soundtrack for this film, providing the classical Star Wars atmosphere all throughout the movie. During the thrilling action sequences, the score provides additional excitement to the scene, bringing a rush of adrenaline all throughout your body. During the slower and more dialogue driven scenes, there are beautiful melodies playing in the background, adding immersion and captivating your interest in the current conversation being held.

The Last Jedi is an ambitious and satisfying film that adds so much to the Star Wars timeline, and is a fantastic sequel to the franchise’s 2015 reboot, The Force Awakens. From the fantastic score, to the thrilling plot twists and very impressive performances from Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver, and Rian Johnson’s fantastic vision on where Star Wars can go, we confidently give this film a 9/10.


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