Girls Tennis Prepared for Post-Season

With the season coming to an end, girls tennis has finished strong with a solid record of 12-7. All the girls have been working hard, and that hard work is now paying off.

Faith Mancarella (left) and Gillian Gallagher (right) in their doubles 3 match. Photo by Lynna Vo

“We struggle a little bit, but we always pull through,” said senior Gillian Gallagher, who plays varsity doubles 3.

Even with a team that has 40 players, they were able to stay united, focused and supportive.

“There’s a nice dynamic,” said senior Faith Mancarella, who also plays varsity doubles 3. “Underclassmen feel like they can approach upperclassmen.”

Ten of those 40 players are varsity, all of whom are graduating seniors. Upperclassmen feel that although losing so many varsity players next year may be a struggle that their team needs to overcome, underclassmen have been stepping up and are ready to take on the challenge of higher-level tennis next season.

The girls tennis team just celebrated their senior night last Friday, May 18, where they honored the 10 seniors who are graduating next month. This Wednesday, May 23, they will compete in the Shoreline Tournament, taking place in Westbrook for doubles and Old Saybrook and Old Lyme for singles, followed by States on Saturday, May 26. Although they know this is a challenge, they say they are ready for any obstacles they might face.

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