In the novel, Let’s Get Lost by Ali Alsaid, four teens across the country are facing four very different problems. There’s Hudson, a small town mechanic who’s attempting to break out of his routine life, Bree, a rebellious hitchhiker determined to “seize the Tuesday” with some dark secrets, Elliot, who loves romantic comedies but finds his own life depressing, and Sonia, who is haunted as much by her future as she is by her past. These four teens live in different places and don’t know anything about one another. The one thing that they have in common is a mysterious girl named Leila and her cherry-red car. Leila, who is driving as far north as she can go in hopes of viewing the Northern Lights, stumbles into the lives of each character just when they need her most, and she finds herself helping each of them, whether it’s overcoming a personal problem or hopping the border into Canada.

Leila herself, however, remains an enigma. The reader doesn’t learn about Leila or her purpose until the fifth section of the book. Then, the reader finally gets to see things from Leila’s point of view, and the entire book suddenly snaps into perspective. Leila’s been able to fix the problems of every other character in the book, but can she work out her own muddled life?



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