Boston Calling 2018 Attracts Thousands

Steller by Sarah Locascio, Article by Camryn Thayer

During Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27th, thousands of people crowded the Harvard Athletic Complex for the annual Boston Calling music festival. Music lovers from all genres came to submerge themselves in the culture and atmosphere.

The acts ranged from hard rock like Queens of the Stone Age, to underground rappers like Westside Gunn, to critically acclaimed musicians like Jack White. Regardless of who you were there to see, over the 3 day weekend there was something for everyone.

Saturday’s lineup attracted a sea of young people, including myself, mostly there to see 3 back-to-back artists: Daniel Caesar, Brockhampton, and Tyler, the Creator. Some of these kids had been camping out in front of the stage since the gates opened just to have a front row view of their favorite artists. After hours of the hot sun beaming down, standing on foot, and being squished together with hundreds of people, it was finally time for these musicians to take the stage.

As each hour-long set played out, the energy of the crowd multiplied, going from the lowkey, neo-soul music of Daniel Caesar, and peaking with the raw energy and mosh pits of Tyler, the Creator.

Everyone in the crowd got to step into the artists world, even for as little time as we had. Despite the sets attracting so many people, they still felt intimate. Goosebump-inducing moments, such as everyone singing Tyler’s final song “See You Again”, reminded us that regardless of who we are, we can all be united by a genuine, and universal love of someone’s art.

In an era where events like Coachella have transformed festivals into fashion shows, or opportunities to score some likes on social media, it’s refreshing to still have spaces that are solely focused on the immersive experience of the art itself. From what I got to experience, Boston Calling is one of those spaces.

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