A New Year for Coginchaug

Relaxed Protocols and a Return to Football Start of 2021-2022


As the school year kicks into action, students, staff and a new administration face new challenges and try to find a sense of normal at Coginchaug Regional High School.
Following a year of strict covid protocols, Coginchaug is adjusting to changes and relaxed restrictions. Besides the state-mandated usage of masks, students are benefiting from high-top lunch tables in the cafeteria, more opportunities for school activities, and a return to a traditional schedule.

Students at Coginchaug have mixed opinions about the year so far. Senior Zack Ryer is “disappointed with masks” although he is “glad that the [bathroom] doors are back.” The bathroom doors were taken off two years ago due to the concerns of unacceptable behavior occurring in the bathrooms. Junior Holly Brunnell mentions that she “feels neutral about [the school year] but it’s good to be back.” Freshman Jack Tobin stated “I feel good because I like my teachers and I know where everything is now.”

One big change from last year is the football team will be playing a full season. Last year, covid forced the cancellation of the football season. Sophomore football player Jake Manning stated that it “feels good to be back,” along with Junior Joe Pinto who gave two thumbs up as a response to the football season returning.

District 13’s new Superintendent, Doug Schuch announced that there are no options for virtual school this year, which leads to many questions about what will happen during a potential covid-outbreak. Some students opted to learn online last year, which came with its share of adjustments. Senior Tyler Fusco, who was remote until last May says, “Coming back was honestly harder than being remote.” Ms. Kayte Wheeler, a Spanish Teacher, mentions that she is “glad we don’t have to worry about online learning,” after balancing both in-person and remote students last year.

In the opening of the school year, many teachers feel wary about the changes. English teacher, Ms. Rebecca Suchy, commented on the covid protocols saying, “I am realistically optimistic…I’m aware we are going to have to make adjustments,” highlighting the uncertainty faced during the summer before school came into session.
This year, Coginchaug has two new administrators, principal Mr. Matthew Warner and assistant principal Ms. Katherine Trainer.

Mr. Warner served as the assistant principal, as well as a history teacher and Social Studies team leader at East Hampton High School before coming to Coginchaug. He said that, “It’s important to get back to the traditions we missed, such as the DC trip and concerts, while prioritizing safety.”

Ms. Trainer, who before coming to Coginchaug served as the Director of Bands and the Dean of Students at North Branford High School, said that, “students have been nothing but welcoming to me”.

Ms. Trainer also said that so far that there has been no violations of the CRHS mask policy that have made it to the administration.