CRHS Takes the Ice

Coginchaug is a school known for their sports. The school has many sports for all the different athletes that come through this school. Unfortunately there have been lots of hockey players who have come through this school who never got to live their dream of playing high school hockey. Not this year though, thanks to the hard work of the students and the new Coginchaug Athletic Director Mr. Barbieri the school was able to create a co-op, there is finally hockey at Coginchaug.
The topic has been brought up before to old athletic directors by students and parents but nothing was ever done and the work and time were never put in to get a hockey team to Coginchaug, until this season. Mr. Barbieri, as well as five other students and their parents, worked all spring and summer. They also went to meetings, met with coaches from other schools, and went to board of education meetings. Eventually Coginchaug was able to form a co-op with, Lyman Hall high school. Coginchaug decided to go with Lyman Hall because of the record they had last year and the fact that they made it to the state tournament . It also seemed like the program that would be a good fit for our school. The coach Rich Minnix also talked about how all the players get along great and they all formed bonds on and off the ice.
“It seemed like a better team, a team that wanted to win games.” said Jacob Martinez a junior at CRHS, “It should be fun and challenging.” said Kaylie LaMere. The team is excited for the opportunity to help out and play for this this team. “It’s a great feeling knowing that I will be able to play for a high school team,” said Martinez .
So far the Lyman Hall, Haddam-Killingworth and Coginchaug hockey team has been a success. “The team has be working hard every day at practice getting ready for the games.” said LaMere. They think that the team is going to be a successful and they hope that the relationship between the schools will last for a long time. Maybe even try to come down to the rink and watch a game. Lastly the whole team wanted to thank Mr. Barbieri. “He did all the communicating with the other schools” and they wanted to thank him for getting the team to Coginchaug.