Career Day: Bioscience


Mr. McCann speaking to the group of potential science scholars at CRHS.

Mr. McCann, a research scientist at a large pharmaceutical company with a history in bioscience, came to Coginchaug Feb. 27 to talk about careers in bioscience. Bioscience is any of the life sciences such as biology, anatomy and biochemistry. Almost 30 students came to see Mr. McCann’s presentation and asked questions to gain insight into the field.

“Everyone thinks being a scientist means instantly becoming rich,” said McCann. “When I first started as a grad student, I lived in a small apartment and got paid just enough money to have one light bulb, but if I had to do it all again, I would.”

y Much of McCann’s further academic career was paid for with scholarships because the need for scientists is always high. Most of his presentation focused on influencing students to further pursue science and the benefits that progressing scientifically would have on society. McCann has a bachelor’s degree in general science and a master’s degree in molecular biology, as well as an MBA from UConn.

“He gave a good overview of practical education and career paths in biology; for example, he explained the shift in emphasis in molecular biology to systems of biology,” said sophomore Emily Leibiger.DSC00800

Some ambitious students asked questions about how to further pursue science after high school. Emily Smith, junior, asked McCann about going into a physical therapy career which sparked other students to ask questions about  different careers in scientific fields.