Veteran Robert Greco’s Vietnam Experience


Sixty-six-year-old Robert Greco from New Milford, Connecticut  served in the Basic Hospital Corps in the Vietnam War from 1969 to 1972. Undecided of a major at Southern Connecticut State College, Greco enlisted in the war for Medical Support after completing his freshman year at the university.

Starting in the Navy Armed Forces, he did his Basic Hospital Corps training in Great Lakes, Illinois. Greco moved on to his first assignment at Philadelphia Naval Hospital where he worked in  Amputee Service aiding mostly Marines from Vietnam. “My experience was a great education and a precursor leading up to my 44 years total in my medical career,” Greco said.

Traveling the majority of his serving time from Parris Island, South Carolina, to Davisville, Rhode Island, all the way to Thailand, Greco was assigned to naval bases and had the responsibility of being a Naval Hospital Corpsman (equivalent to an Army Medic).

The war also took an emotional toll on Greco, as his relationship with his wife was interrupted for nine months because he couldn’t take her along with him to the Indian Ocean.

Greco referred to his experience coming home from the war as “rather depressing in that the mood of the war didn’t create a very positive attitude in the US.”

Although coming home to such negativity was a struggle, Greco’s Naval time set up his career as a Position Associate after graduating from Yale University in 1975. “I feel I made an excellent choice after leaving Southern,” said Greco.

Retired from the service today, Greco continues to benefit our country, managing the VA and Veterans Benefits, as an Officer of the American Legion.