Go Far, Go Fast Step up to High School


On Nov. 5, students from Strong and Memorial schools came to the high school to run with the student-athletes from the high school cross country team.This event was put on by Go Far, Go Fast.

When everyone got outside, there was a table set up where each kid got a stamp on their hand to determine which team they were on. They ran onto the football field to find the high school runners who had the same stamp as they did. Once everyone was in their correct “team”, the games began.

It started with a simple relay race. The first person in line would run out to the person at the 50-yard line across from the team and spin with their head on a baseball bat four times. Then they tried to run back to the team to tag the next person who would run out to do the same thing. The afternoon continued with more relay race games including a unifix cube sprint. That game was sprinting to the opposite end of the field, picking up a unifix cube, and running back with it; this continued until all the cubes were collected, and the team with the most unifix cubes was declared the winner.

The last activity that Go Far had planned was the mile run so every athlete, high school to the fifth graders, lined up at the start line and were told they had to run four laps around the track. Once one of the founders of Go Far Mrs. Jennifer Schulten said, “Go,” all the kids flew away from the start and into the hamster wheel of four seemingly endless circles. The kids were all tired out at the end, so apple cider and cider doughnuts were provided by the organization’s members.

Schulten told everyone that on Dec. 20, Go Far, Go Fast is holding a 5K open to people of all ages called “Go Far, Jingle All the Way”. For information on the race, go to the Go Far, Go Fast website.