12 Things to do Before Senior Year Ends


Senior year is now near its end. In a few weeks, we will be walking across a stage, and it seems a little strange to say goodbye to everyone we grew up with. Before saying goodbye to Coginchaug forever, here are a few things to do before senior year is over:

  1. Make your resume: This is a no-brainer.  If you already have your resume, update it.  This can save a lot of time in the future.
  2. Talk to that friend you drifted away from. Chances are, he or she probably wants to hang out with you again too.
  3. Buy a yearbook: After a few years, it’s interesting to see how much people changed.  Plus, it holds a lot of memories.  
  4. Make amends: We all probably said something to someone we shouldn’t have. Don’t end the year with bad blood.
  5. Say goodbye to your favorite teachers: They are the ones who made your high school experience exceptional. You might never see them again, and you would want to thank them for guiding you through high school.
  6. Attend sport games: Most tickets are for free, and it’s good to let the players know you have their back.
  7. Go to prom: This might be super cliche or sound super lame, but it’s your last school dance.
  8. Wear school apparel: It’s likely that you’ll never wear them again after high school.
  9. Take lots of pictures: Senior is the bittersweet year of high school. Save every moment from normal days to field trips.
  10. Apply for a summer job: Most of us already have jobs, but if you don’t, it’ll be helpful to have extra cash. You have to whole summer to yourself. You no longer have to study for the SAT and summer reading projects are finally irrelevant, so it means lots of extra time. Getting a job will teach you responsibility while earning money.
  11. Clean up your Facebook: We all posted embarrassing things in middle school or in general, stupid stuff. You do not want your future boss seeing them.
  12. Most importantly, have fun. These are the last moments of high school, and you want to enjoy the last few weeks as much as you can.