Unhinged Book Review

Get ready to be Unhinged. The second book of the Splintered series brings you mystery, adventure and love. Alyssa has been back from Wonderland and has moved on from that part of her to discover what her life as a normal human could bring but discovers that Wonderland may not be ready to leave her. Wonderland invades the human realm in this battle for what Alyssa believes in. Though what is it that she really wants? Is it just a life as a normal human, or is a part of her, as Morpheus says, “always itching to break free” into the world of Wonderland?

I have to say that throughout this book even though it was the second time reading it, I plunged down the rabbit hole and never wanted to come out. Alyssa is trying to ignore her roots to Wonderland, but when a mysterious visitor (who is actually not so mysterious) arrives, everything starts to go wrong. Queen Gerdanine’s ribbon is released to find Alyssa with a specific message just for her, “Queen Red lives and seeks to destroy that which betrayed her.” This revenge plot brings Alyssa, Morpheus,and Jeb closer than ever in order to save one of their homes. In another battle within the battle continuing throughout the book, Jeb and Morpheus fight for the heart of Alyssa. Will this sidetrack battle be the group’s downfall when it matters the most at what they hope is the final battle?

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