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Quiz Bowl team left to right: Hannah Amairault, Dawson Hettrick, Seth Azevedo, and Troy Willis. Photo by Aidan O’Connell



The CRHS Quiz Bowl team started this season off with a tough loss to Old Saybrook. Missing captains Dawson Hettrick and Seth Azevedo, the team put up a valiant effort but couldn’t keep up. Old Saybrook took an early lead and Coginchaug never managed to catch up.

At the second match Coginchaug was without captain Hettrick and starter Hannah Amirault. They started off the match strong, quickly going up 110-30, and went into the half with a sizable lead. However, North Branford came back and by the end of the third quarter brought the game within 10 points. The fourth quarter was back and forth, each question changing the lead as neither team could pull ahead. With almost no time left in the match, Coginchaug pulled ahead as Azevedo correctly answered “San Diego” to “This city, the second largest in California is right on the Mexican border”. As the reader started to read the bonus, the match ended with Coginchaug advancing to 1-1, putting them in fifth place in the league.

Last year the Blue Devils, featuring captains Seth Azevedo and Dawson Hettrick with Hannah Amirault and Troy Willis, won one game all season. After losing three senior starters, the new juniors struggled to keep up with the competition. Before playing in the Shoreline tournament, Coginchaug had to win a play-in match. Winning that match decisively, the Blue Devils moved on to face No. 1 Old Saybrook, who was undefeated. The match was close the entire time, with it all coming down to the last question: “Phasianinae is the scientific family of the pheasant, the third most plentiful bird in the world. What is the most plentiful bird in the world?” Hettrick buzzed in, answering “chickens”, just before the timer went off. However, Coginchaug lost in the next round to Morgan, who went on  to win the tournament.

On Jan. 4 the Blue Devils face Westbrook in the second of four matches at Hale-Ray.

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