Students Learn About Distracted Driving


Over the month of April, Coginchaug students have learned about distracted driving through lessons and a simulation from the Save a Life Tour. 

On April 4th, students watched a presentation in advisory periods on some of the various hazards some may face while driving, from advertisements to unruly passengers. These were accompanied by two short movies with examples of how distracted drivers have killed people. 

The following Monday, students were invited during the advisory and in health class to partake in attempting to text and drive. Students were put onto a driving rig and asked to text and drive while remaining cognizant of the road and their surroundings. The result was the same: almost every student, no matter how fast or slow they drove, crashed. 

As students in high school begin to learn how to drive, the importance of learning good habits behind the wheel, including making sure not to stay on cell phones, is important. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, almost 1 in 3 teens have admitted to texting and driving. 

“It made me realize how difficult and dangerous it is to text and drive,” senior Nora O’Connell.

The pledge signed by Coginchaug students.

Students all signed a pledge saying they won’t text and drive, designating that they will uphold the rules of the road.  

The Save a Life Tour is run in coordination with the Connecticut State Department of Transportation. The stop at Coginchaug was organized by Student Resource Officer Mark Hessletine.