Jump Start your Day with Jumping Jacks

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Jump Start your Day with Jumping Jacks

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Many would agree that by 4:00 p.m., they are ready for a long nap. After a draining day filled with school, sports, work, or all three of these commitments combined, going to the gym or for a run isn’t exactly the first thought in mind to add onto the agenda. Instead of trying to include a workout into your jam packed schedule, make it a morning ritual; make it the very first thing you do when you wake up just as simple as a morning face wash routine. Eliminate the stress and dread of working out after a day’s worth of activity by getting it done as soon as you rise out of bed.
When you hear the phrase, “morning workout” you most likely think of the idea being impossible, horribly painful, or unproductive, but actually, the morning is proven to be the best time to exercise.
Perks of working out in the morning are endless including creating a steady habit, jump-starting your metabolism for up to 24 hours, being more likely to be on time for your day since you’re already up, creating a better mood for the day since your endorphins increase from exercise, and sleeping really well since you will ease down at night instead of working out.
You’re probably still wondering how exactly you’re going to be able to exercise in replace of hitting the snooze button, but there are a few tips that’ll actually trick you into doing the unthinkable.
It’s most crucial to get a full night’s rest prior to your “rise and grind”. In terms of successfully convincing yourself to work out, prepare everything the night before; fill your water bottle, set your sneakers by your bed, have your headphones plugged into your phone already, even sleep in your workout clothing (since it is comfortable attire)! Lastly, make sure you have a simple snack prepared for a pre-workout energy boost that is high in protein or non-sugary fibers such as oats, a banana, yogurt, or whole-wheat toast.
Now that you’re awake at 6:00 a.m. in your sneakers and holding your water bottle, what should you actually do? Since you’re metabolism will be boosted for the day, you actually have to perform less work than you would during a normal workout. As soon as you’re out of bed, take a calming stretch and inhale and exhale slowly about five times.
Since your body temperature is lower when you first wake up, it’s important to stretch and get warm before you start. Once you run up and down the stairs a few times or do fifty jumping jacks, perform some simple stretches.
When it comes to the actual workout, make it short and high intensity: thirty to forty-five minutes of constant hard work. As soon as you start, set your intentions and get into a mode where you can’t be stopped. Here is a simple, basic, morning workout that can be performed by people of any athletic level. If you workout when the sun is still rising, it’s a promise that you won’t regret it when the sun goes down.


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