How Coginchaug DECA is Making 2017 #Limitless


DECA (Distributive Educational Clubs of America) is the official business club at Coginchaug, which offers students a variety of leadership and community based opportunities within the school and the community, in this year’s #Limitless campaign. 

Every year, the club and its adviser, Mr. Donecker, elects student leaders to help structure the club, and make sure that students are getting the most out of the DECA experience. Even though the application process for the vice president position is still underway, the co-presidents were elected over the summer. After showing increased interest in the expansion of the club and being involved with DECA for the past three years, Seniors, Charlotte Planeta and Erica Fontanella were chosen as the 2017- 2018 DECA chapter co-presidents. They have both been in DECA for the past four years, but they they have gained different skills and different experiences.

According to international DECA’s website, “DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.”

ICDC 2017- Disneyland, California

“The main goal our DECA chapter is to teach students about business, to prepare future leaders and to encourage students to participate in the community and connect with businesses in the community,” said Fontanella.

“At the beginning of the year, the DECA officers look to set goals, not only for ourselves, but also for our chapter members,” said Planeta.

The goals that they set are in place to help keep members involved and the club on track to meet its goals. A new goal that the officers have set for this year, is to complete a least one task, to help the community, per month. For the month of September, everyone will be volunteering at the Durham Fair for a plethora of organizations.

“Our first group service event will be a walk for JDRF,” said Planeta. “We are all raising money independently as well as for our DECA Chapter as a whole.”

ICDC Opening Sessions 2017- Anaheim, California

The main goal that DECA has this year is to build a strong foundation of members and retain those members throughout the school year.

“We have goals of performing more community service acts, creating a connection between the students and the community, establishing role models through leadership, and helping underclassman increase their confidence,” said Fontanella.

“The most members we have had was  during my Freshman year,” said Planeta. “We had 80 members, and it was amazing to see 80 different people, all interested in the same organization, in one room of our school.”

“So far, DECA has about 27 members for the 2017-2018 academic year. It is never too late to become a member! Anyone can join by coming to one of our meetings after school, every Wednesday, or by talking to Mr. Donecker,” said Planeta.  

“People should join DECA because it helps one become a successful leader in the future, whether that is in the business field or workforce,” said Fontanella. “You make a lot of connections throughout the club and can meet a lot of new people from other schools just like you.”