Concert Review: Oh Wonder at College Street Music Hall

If you’re looking for a live show that is smooth and emotional while still lively and fun, Oh Wonder is definitely a band to see.

At a venue like College Street Music Hall, concerts are an intimate experience. The small size connects you so closely to the performers and the feel of the venue provides an entire different experience than a larger venue would. Being against the barricade at a show is definitely ideal, but any space in this venue would provide a good view.  One downside to any General Admission show is this: you better be prepared to wait in line for a very long time; however, a show like the one put on by Oh Wonder is, in my opinion, worth the wait.

The band consists of the talented duo from London, Anthony West and Josephine Gucht, along with their tour backup (drummer, guitarist). West’s and Gucht’s vocals blend to create beautiful melodies, highlighting both the high and low moments of their originals with ease.  

Even if you don’t know every lyric and note, the show is still completely satisfying to attend. The music is accessible to all ages, and it is easy to feel the effortless emotions that are portrayed by the mood and lyrics of each song. The group draws in the crowd with soft and endearing tracks off both their first and second albums, such as “All We Do” and “Waste.” On the other hand, each song is a completely new experience. With songs such as “High on Humans” to open the set and “Ultralife” to close, West and Gucht electrify the room with an infectious and optimistic energy.

In addition, attending an Oh Wonder show is relatively cheap, at around $20-$25 per ticket. Tied together with energetic but ethereal tunes, a minimalistic but engaging set and entrancing lighting cues, you definitely get an experience worth the price.

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