DECA Club Update: Co-Presidents’ Last Year


After three full years at Coginchaug, senior co-presidents Charlotte Planeta and Erica Fontanella’s DECA experience is coming to a close.

“We have to oversee all of the work that is being done on the campaigns,” Planeta said of the co-presidents’ role in the business club. “We also run the meetings.”

“I was driven to join DECA because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills, and I learned about all of the amazing opportunities this club has to offer,” said Fontanella. Both seniors have had travel opportunities as being a part of the club. 

Planeta Fontanella
  • Competed at states for 3 years in a row
  • Invited to go to Orlando in 2015 for Leadership Development Conference
  • Elected President of CRHS DECA chapter
  • Annual Fall Leadership Conferences
  • State Career Development Conference
  • International Career Development Conference


  • Competed for the State Career Development Conference in the competitive event of business management and administration placing 4th freshman year and 4th again sophomore but in the competitive event: Marketing Management
  • Became an officer- Vice President of Promotion during junior year
  • Competed at nationals in Anaheim
  • Annual Fall Leadership Conference
  • International Career Development Conference

“We are working hard to make the meetings more interesting and interactive for all of our members: we want to ensure that the other club members have opportunities to be leaders as well during the meetings. ” said Planeta.This year, their goal is to “increase our membership, as well as membership retention, work on being more competitive, and increasing the amount of community service that is completed by our chapter,” Planeta said.

ICDC 2017- Anaheim California

We are also looking to do a large community service project each month, to keep members active and interested in our club,” Planeta said. “For example, we are looking to help market events for other clubs, or even do a trash walk around town, to help clean up Durham’s streets.”

“In the area of competition, we are looking to help new members develop better competition skills, as well as helping existing members become stronger competitors by making sure they are prepared for any scenario,” said Planeta.

“We hold many different fundraising events all throughout the year,” said Planeta. “The first one will be a ‘Dollar Wars’ between all the homerooms, and all of the proceeds go towards Juvenile Diabetes Research Funding.”

Due to it being the girls’ last year at Coginchaug, they are trying to enjoy every moment. “It’s really hard knowing that this is my last year in DECA,” Planeta said. “It’s my last competition, my last ICDC, and it’s all coming to a close. DECA has been my life for the past three years, and I can’t imagine living without it. But on the other hand, I can’t wait to see what the other members of DECA accomplish in their time here.”

After high school, Planeta’s goal is to go to school to become an elementary school teacher. Fontanella plans to go into the medical field, and to continue to help others.

ICDC 2017- Anaheim California