Redneck Arena Splashes at Durham Fair

Over the Durham Fair weekend, one of the newer attractions was the Redneck Arena, organized by Samantha Divito. Events included the mud pit belly flop contest and other miscellaneous games such as giant Jenga, toilet seat horseshoes, a frozen wet t-shirt contest, and the game of stump.  When Travis Newell, a mud pit belly flop contestant, was asked if he thought that the Redneck Arena represented the fair well, he quoted the Durham Fair’s motto: “Good. Clean. Wholesome. Fun.” Costumes for different events were picked from a wall of options when the  contestants arrived, and they tried to be as creative as possible.  The  winner of the mud pit belly flop contest was Chris Slight with the grand prize of a $75 gift certificate to Artie’s Bar and Grill, which was the official sponsor of the mud pit.  Overall, the contestants seemed to have a fun time, and the crowd was supportive, cheering on the brave volunteers.


Videography & Editing by Saige Avery

Music Rights “Hick Town” Jason Aldean